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Ecometeo Italia s.r.l. is an Italian company founded in 1992 by the union of professional skills of manager of  Milan.
The company, which operates in the field of industrial screen printing and digital and analog instrumentation, has rapidly expanded leading to the creation of new products and services and to major success with customers and suppliers around the world.
The company provides reliable products, personalized in the choice of materials and processing methods, competitive in the market and above all the result of processes in the company are ISO 9001 certified.
The operations targeted marketing and structured allowed to expand their business horizons to a more wide-ranging scope of the national one: the company, in fact, exports in the majority of countries both in Europe and outside Europe and in South America.
Ecometeo Italia s.r.l it  has, in its own portfolio of clients, providing solutions and products for the world's most renowned industrial and services sectors.

ecometeo IN THE WORLD

Ecometeo Italia is present in: Albania, Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Greece, Lebanon, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Syria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary , Uruguay, United Arab Emirates, Santo Domingo.

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