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The Instrumentation Division is engaged in the design, production and sale of instruments for measurement and control of temperature, humidity, pressure and flow such as pressure gauges, thermometers, compound gauges, flow meters, thermostats, liter counters.
Although ours is a young company can trace its experience in this area in the early '50s, when it was founded closed to  Milan what today may be called the ancestor of Ecometeo Italy.
The evolution has brought us over the years to be able to offer in addition to the "classic" analog instruments also a wide range of specific digital tools, designed and tested products on our dedicated design, of course, we also carry out after-sales service repair and calibration.

Ecometeo Italia guarantees reliable products, personalized in the choice of materials and processing methods, competitive in the market.
Already in the 90 years we have adopted the system for quality management in accordance with the UNI EN always updated over the years and also recently joined the ATEX pressure gauges for steel.


For this sector are required materials comply with current regulations, Ecometeo Italy for over 20 years  has worked and manufactured instrumentation suitable for food uses for manufacturing processes, control and safety. As for the dairy industry we are always ready to respond to the market demand for high-quality instruments and get ready for post-sales service.


Those who work in this industry knows the difficulty of finding tools that ensure accuracy and durability. Ecometeo Italia, among the top suppliers at  European level, relies on its experience in the research and development of instrumentation and increasingly advanced with ever new solutions.
From  the now classic affirmed digital thermometer for the wine industry to the new doser and meter for beverage and vending machines. Ecometeo Italia meets all the requirements to establish itself more and more in this area.


High strength, dangerous applications, corrosive materials, are just some of the features that have always flanked by this sector. Thanks to a dynamic and specialized team Ecometeo Italia can offer a wide range of products that meet the increasingly specific market. Pressure gauges with ATEX certification and new counters "Oval Gear" are just two examples of equipment suitable for use in hazardous environments, but keeping under control precision and accuracy.


Within this group we find the widest range of products. From the gauges to the flow meters, through the control of temperature and dosage of Ecometeo Italia industrial fluids can help with his tools to the creation of systems and equipment for industrial machines where quality is required.