Bourdon tube pressure gauge, stainless steel - series MX

This pressure gauge series MX is entirely made of stainless steel and is suitable for applications in the process industry: chemical/petrochemical, canning, food, pharmaceutical, construction of machines and plant engineering in general.

It is recommended for use with aggressive fluids or gaseous elements, not particularly viscous or crystallizing even in harsh environments thanks to its impact resistance.

It is highly resistant in the long period.

It is realised with liquid filled shock absorbing case for applications with dynamic pressure loads or subject to high vibrations.


  • Chemical / petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Aggressive but not viscous liquids
  • Aggressive gases
  • In the glycerine version for vibrating applications


  • Measuring element: stainless steel AISI 316
  • Movement: stainless steel AISI316
  • Stainless steel case with discharge on the circumference and on the back (Ø 100, 150)
  • Multilayer safety transparent



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