Helical Turbine Flow Meters

Ecometeo Italia has developed the CLELI model mainly for the applications where the liquid is not pure and the use of simple and light instruments is required.

This model has an advantageous low pressure drop and behaviour, therefore it is perfectly suited for the measuring of very high viscosity fluids.

Due to the wide measuring ranges, to the high accuracy, to the resolution and to the S.S. closure, the CLELI model is an excellent choice for many measuring systems involved with fluids of variable viscosity.


  • Fuel oil
  • Petrolchemical products
  • Fat and oils with varying viscosities
  • Water / Glycol mixtures
  • Cude oil, furnace oil and all viscous liquids even when viscosity changes in temperature
  • Water, water dispensing, tea, coffee, wine, juices and other food liquids for measuring and dispensing


  • High accuracy
  • Pressure up to 400 bar, special range up to 1500 bar
  • Independently from viscosity, perfect from 1 to 106 mm²/s
  • Low pressure drop if compared with other displacement meters
  • High resolution
  • Pulsation-free measuring, insensitive to non-constant flows
  • Resistant to corrosion thanks to the advanced materials and bearings

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