Liter-counter and flow meter bag in box

Electronic liter-counter and flow meter suitable for use bag in box and small fillings.
It is realised with cutting-edge materials that make it sturdy and extremely easy to handle, thanks to its lightness.

The electronic liter-counter and flow meter bag in box is equipped with a resettable button in order to be reset after each use. The practical calibration function allows use by gravity fall or for small transfers by means of a low-flow pump too.

A large LCD display ensures an easy reading of the partial and total liters counted.
The special spiral turbine allows a precision never reached before and does not suffer the interference given by small solid parts or by viscous liquids, as it is the case with standard turbines.

The instrument is powered by 2 easy available AAA batteries which guarantee autonomy for 2 years of moderate use or 1 year of intensive use.


  • Water
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Oil
  • ¬†Fillers Bag in Box
  • Small decanting or filling of bottles, tanks or demijohns


  • Food grade nylon body
  • Special spiral turbine
  • Turbine in Nylon + Ferrite
  • 5-digit LCD display with partial and total reading
  • Reset of the counted partial
  • Flow meter function
  • Possibility of calibration by the operator




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