Nylon flowmeter CLNY

The nylon liter counters and flow meters are instruments with high standard quality and precision.

The body is made of nylon and the turbine is supported by ceramic supports.

They are mainly indicated for low viscous liquids and can achieve excellent performances on nominal flow rates thanks to the axial turbine.

Easy to install, in line or at the ends of the pipes, they are equipped with a LCD digital display for quick and easy reading by the operator in real time.

Guaranteed minimum life is 1000 hours of work thanks to the double 1,5V AA size battery easily available on the market. The sturdy PVC body and the stainless steel case closure make these items IP65 sealing.

They can be easily calibrated by changing the value of the constant called the K factor. They are conceived by giving the possibility of resetting after each passage for a simple reading of the different uses; they also provide the flow meter function, through a simple and intuitive passage, to control in real time the pump flow rate at that precise moment in lt/min.


  • Water
  • Agricultural sector
  • Chemical sector
  • Pharmaceutical sector


  • High precision
  • Max pressure 16 bar
  • Max temperature 70°C
  • High resolution
  • Closure IP65
  • Sturdy nylon body
  • Process connections GAS-M
  • Power supply 2 batteries 1,5V AA




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