Double Handle Digital Thermometer

The digital thermometer model TTX18 is an instrument used for reading the temperature with a double handle. With one hand the probe is directed to the point where there is a need to measure the temperature, while with the other hand the case is hold together with the LCD display.

This thermometer is designed for the manual measurement of the temperature in tanks containing both fluids and grains or cereals, and to be inserted in the hay; in fact, thanks to the rigide probe diam. 10, it is guaranteed that the body of the sensitive element can be inserted without the risk of bending and breaking.

The thermometer TTX18 is equipped with a LCD display powered by two easy-to-find 1,5V AAA alkaline batteries, whose life is about 3 years.

The length of the connection cable between the display and the probe is usually 1,5mt. to allow the maximum operator handling, while the length of the probe is 70cm or 1,5mt (the probes can be made with a maximum length of 3mt.).

This thermometer has also the possibility of being turned off by means of a button inside the stainless steel case, in the electronic board, in order to be stored when it is not in use.


  • Tanks and reservoirs of fluids (wine, oil, milk, etc.)
  • Tanks and reservoirs of grains or cereals
  • Water
  • Food industry


  • PVC double handle
  • Stainless steel case and ring IP65
  • Stainless steel probe 316L Ø 10mm
  • Connection cable length 1,5mt
  • Standard probe length 70cm (it is possible to realize probes with a maximum length of 3mt.)
  • Reading field -10 +110°C
  • Temperature reading every second
  • Power supply 2 AAA alkaline batteries
  • Accuracy 0,5°C
  • Resolution 0,1°C



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